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To create new travel experiences for our travelers

Travel Genius

It was founded in April of 2019 in Thessaloniki. Our company aims to offer high quality services, with consideration of the needs and wants of the modern time traveler. The founders, the executives and the partners of Genius Travel are offering their services based on the fundamental principle of prioritizing the traveler! The long experience of our crew, combined with the deep knowledgeof organizing and handling every tourist service available, is the biggest guarantee for the travelers who choose our travel agency for their leisure, business trips or any otherof the many services our company offers.

Our goal is to fully meet the requirements of the modern traveler

The constant development in the tourism sector obliges us to implement new ideas and innovations in order to take advantage of the means and opportunities that the modern technology offers nowadays to maximize the satisfactionof our travelers. Our goal is to fully meet the requirements of the modern traveler, who knows when, how and what they want regarding the quality of the services they choose. Our vision is to expand our horizons and offer more complete & quality based products and packages, designed with great detail, using all the possibilities available at the vast market of tourism, creating new and unique experiences for our travelers.

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